We are delighted to be supporting a wonderful environmental initiative of one of members, Donna Kelly.

Donna has a passion to reduce the amount of plastic in our lives & was enthralled with a project she saw in Australia that provided cloth shopping bags to shoppers instead of them purchasing more plastic shopping bags. To this end, Donna approached Athboy Tidy Towns to seek support for rolling out a similar  initiative in Athboy. Donna has put together a voluntary group to produce the material bags from donated materials.

A minimum contribution will be requested for each bag acquired in order to further support the ongoing campaign.

Donna’s Athbags will be launched on Saturday 24th November 2018 in the Darnley Hotel at 3pm.

For more info: or Facebook page: athbags

These are examples of the beautiful bags to be made available both at the launch & at outlets in Athboy:




Wildlife Projects

Bat counts have been initiated in the town with expert talks on the bat population in the town being arranged & pamphlets produced for local schools. Pamphlets have also been produced on the Bee population & subsequently distributed to local national schools. In maintained areas we are purposely leaving patches to grow wild to encourage bees, Butterflies & wild flowers.